Monday, September 15, 2008

This just in: The Buena Vista Project

Paul Dusatko, Marcela, and I hiked up Buena Vista trail today to check out the Buena Vista Project, an open project I initiated a few years ago, but gave up due to my then flaccid forearms. These few years later, I needed some new eyes and new enthusiasm, hence Mr. Dusatko. Confirming that no, I am not TOTALLY crazy, Paul matched my stoke and was super psyched about the overhanging arete. And yes, he too thinks it will be fierce.

I'm jittery while I write this. The route looks so, so good! It will likely be four bolts long, start low to the ground, crank through some very steep pockets and gastons, then enter into what appears to be the true definition of techie. Think super-burly underclings forcing you into positions of utter pain and confusion, then consumately desperate sloping crimps, then... well, I guess I'll soon see. I'm TR'ing it this next week to get the holds chalked and cleaned. What's it rated? Who knows. Usually, that kind of info comes AFTER the first ascent. I will say, however, it looks harder than anything I've ever seen in Santa Barbara proper.

Paul and I also found some quality looking boulder problems scattered around the Buena Vista Project. First ascents will be had, and will be had soon...

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