Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Andy Goes Tradly!

No Tor this weekend for me. I was busy installing my metal handiwork on Chris Broomell's new winery in Valley Center. Truly an idyllic place, to be sure. I was fortunate to witness the "first crush" of Menghini Winery's Syrah crop. Last year's was sumptuous; I think things bode well for this year as well. When I got back, I was keening to rope up, and since Bret was amenable, I packed the rack and headed up to Gibraltar. Sure, Gibraltar doesn't inject the forearms with lactic-death, but it's bold traditional leads do hone the "head". I'm glad I went. After leading T-Crack three times in a row, just to work the butterflies out of my chest during the run-out mantle, I led Self Reflection, Kevin Brown's BRILLIANT nubbin-fest. If you haven't climbed it, take my advice and break out your stiff lace-ups because it gets thin as dimes up there.

All in all, it felt liberating to place gear and climb free.

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Jonathan said...

Mr. Trotter would be proud.