Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday's Hike and Climb

Bret, ever the intrepid soul, joined me on an after-work hike and climb up San Ysidro canyon this afternoon. Rather than stop at the main crag, we cruised up the canyon another couple of miles to Upper San Ysidro, the home of Gnome Fingers, a stellar 10b finger crack situated by a beautiful river pool. Bret and I both ran three laps, me on lead, Bret on TR. Bret is looking stronger these days, and even though he thinks he's weak, he's full of crap. Next time we go there, he's leading first.

Of course, we stayed longer than we should have, and it got dark. And we didn't have a headlamp. And we were hungry. The walk back almost ended in disaster every ten feet as we tripped over roots, rocks, and ball-bearing gravel. For some reason I kept thinking of how much I wanted Vietnamese soup. When I got back to the car, I promptly drove to Vons, bought some generic Asian soup, and am about to make it as I write this.

I love going from fantasy to reality.


Jonathan said...

Fantasy to reality...
Makes me think of:

"MOM! Where's my old unicycle?"

"Joel, you never had a unicycle."

"Yes I did. The one I had as a kid."

"You mean Tricycle?"

"No. I just dreamed about riding a unicycle and I know I can do it."

...buys unicycle...


Andy Patterson said...

Seriously. Talk about unsolved mysteries. My brother has this weird preternatural ability to just "know" stuff.

If I had a dream that I could do the splits, rest assured I wouldn't be able to do them upon waking.

Joel, on the other hand...