Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What would Rutger Hauer do?

A triumvirate of good things: my wife; my husky; and my portaledge.

A rather enlightened client (We'll call him Mr. Galt) asked SB Forge to make a medieval entry gate to his front yard. In the interest of full disclosure, a deep, hidden fiber of my being resonated with boyish excitement. Medieval means knights. And castles. And dungeons, where one could languish in shackles, or, if you're Matthew Broderick, escape to assist Rutger Hauer in medieval adventures. Either way, I totally dug the client's requests. Dan designed the gate, I pulled it off. Below are some shots. The entire gate is fastened together by rivets, banding, and some unique forms of punching and drifting. Totally rad. I'm almost halfway done, so I'll keep posting photos. The finished product will be stunning. And, well, medieval.

Carefully strategizing the placement of the straps is a lot harder than it looks.

I settled on an intact rivet head for the front, but the back is flattened. This style of joinery is uber-strong.

Clamp, heat, hammer, cool, repeat.

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Travis said...

Behold, ye olde rad gate... Nice work!