Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Really quick, really.

Heavens, I've been busy.

I keep thinking I'll toss a post out in to the great web effluvium, but tasks mounted, ideas coalesced, and climbing projects distracted. In summary:

1) I've been on an Italian food crusade.

2) Dale got his twig-and-berries snipped. Actually, he kept the twig but lost the berries. He had to wear a cone.

3) Mary and I just watched Eclipse, the third movie in the Twilight Saga.

4) I regretted admitting that last heading.

5) I'm obsessively projecting an obscure route far up Rattlesnake Canyon. It's the hardest thing I've ever tried on a rope.

Here I be, sorting out the lower section of the Rattlesnake Canyon Project, or, as Jay and I are calling it, the Renaissance Man Project (we thought we should name all the climbs at this modest crag after a medieval fashion). I'm about eighteen inches away from a clean top-rope ascent, which, when accomplished, will mean it's time to rack up for the lead. How hard? Can't tell. Initial consensus is low 5.13. It's not a clip-up, either: I'm taking two cams to protect the climb. Much to my nervousness, the first placement is about twelve feet off the deck, and AFTER the V9 crux.

The bottom is stupid hard, the top is manageably hard.

The illustrious Bobo and Bret, enjoying a moment of levity in my living room.

An evening of Risotto.

He still humps things, don't worry.

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