Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pine Mountain still doesn't suck.

Unless, of course, some hippy has a birthday and decides to invite ALL of his friends to Pine Mountain, complete with generators, guitars, lights, and bongo drums. Yes, you're reading me right: there was a veritable Woodstock in my favorite "pristine" Ojai camping and climbing area. Mary, Dale, and I fled to Enlightenment Ridge with our tent and shared a site with some equally embittered Aussies named Anthony and Nadine.

This was Dale's first camping trip. He performed admirably, and took three dumps in the space of twenty minutes. I do that too when I'm excited.

I was feeling flat from an extremely difficult work week, both physically and mentally, but I did manage to climb a bunch of good problems, including some old favorites like Mystical Steps Towards Deathless Superconsciousness (V6), Dissing Euros (V6), Clawing at the Walls sit-start (V7/8), 911 (V8), and Campus Direct (V6). I initiated this year's token obsession by working the opening moves of Whiplash (V11), just to get the sequence in my head—and so I can perfectly replicate the line on my garage Woody, which is almost exactly the length and pitch of Whiplash.

Good times, and it all ended with an succulent Lamb burrito from Red Barn Liquor Store. Oh, and there were no flies whatsoever (at Pine Mountain, not Red Barn).

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