Friday, August 14, 2009

We're moving?

Mary just got a job in Guadalupe, which is North County (that's everything NORTH of Gaviota, for all you not-in-the-know folks). Besides providing a steady income, great work environment, and the knowledge that she obtained a job in the shittiest economy on record for California, this job requires Mary to commute 1.5 hours from Carpinteria to Guadalupe. Decidedly awful. We are, therefore, contemplating a move to The Valley.

Perhaps I'm romanticizing things a bit, but the Santa Ynez Valley is one of my favorite locales in California. There's endless rolling hills, covered in lustrous grapes, grass, and gnarled oak trees, and the pace of life is kicked down a notch from kinetic Santa Barbara. In the current summer heat, the air feels heavy with dry grass aromas, herbs, and eucalyptus. In the pictures, there's a fire near New Cuyama, so that's why all sun has that el fin del mundo look. Last Wednesday, we barbecued at Justin's house in Los Alamos—perhaps the most parochial of the Valley towns—and proved to the world that radicchio-bacon salad, medium-rare tri tip, rosemary encrusted potatoes, and garlic bread are good to eat.


And they're even better with a Dierburg 06' Chard, Tyler 06' Pinot, and a bitchin' Sancerre.

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erica said...

that radicchio bacon salad sounds RAD!