Saturday, June 27, 2009

Once again, Pine Mountain.

Pine Mountain: Santa Barbara's hidden gem of paradisiacal high-altitude bouldering. I love this place, but for some reason, my last visit was a calendar year ago, when Mary was still here. I don't know why I've been so remiss. The rock, views, temps, and vibe are all fab. Even the pit toilets weren't too bad this time around. Aaron and I met up with Marcela, Elijah, and a crew of assorted SLO climbers, then pulled down at Happy Hunting Grounds till our tips bled. Aaron and I had limited time, so we didn't rest at all and cranked as hard as we could for a solid four hours, resulting in some good sends, some frustrating shut-downs, and a wealth of material to return to.

I climbed okay, considering this was my fourth day of bouldering this week, and my fingies were starting to feel dysfunctional. Still, I managed to pull off sends of Mayday (V7), Gyroscope (graded V8), Dissing Euros (V6), Skydiving (V5), Surrounded By Fish (V5... one of the stupidest problems I've ever done at PM), and a slew of other great problems.

Here's to next time.

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