Monday, March 16, 2009


While Elijah was cranking elsewhere in Joshua Tree, I was busy administering the Boy Scout Rock Climbing Merit Badge for a Boy Scout Troop from Ventura. Elijah himself, believe it or not, is an Eagle Scout, so based on his experience, the Rock Climbing Merit Badge=5.13 climbing. Obviously.

Try it for yourself. The Scouts are waiting...


Brian said...

I'm an Eagle Scout, too. I wear the uniform with short shorts and sash for Halloween.

I have my Rock Climbing Merit Badge, but don't climb 5.13. Not fair!!

elijah said...

Correction: the Rock Climbing Merit Badge used to equate to 5.13 - 20 years ago. Expectations have since increased. I propose a minimum 5.14 for Scouts. Should we be invaded by Austrian super-dudes we will rely on corn-fed American Boy Scouts to weed their last remnants from our treacherous backcountry. And lets be honest - do we need more fat kids, or are we building a better generation of micro-soldiers?