Sunday, December 14, 2008

Every day is Christmas at the Tor

Yeah, it was just a typical Saturday for me on the Central Coast: Jack Johnson himself called me to see what was up, so I gathered some hip, young, earth-loving-funky-dread-wearing-bongo-playing college students and we all grooved out at Jack's place. During the introspective bonfire portion of the evening, Jack and I jammed out on the guitar and Uke, and MTV recorded our live session for posterity. It will appear on television next month. Purdy sweet.

I'm lying, of course.

But I DID see Jack Johnson in front of California Pizza Kitchen with his kids. I didn't talk to him. I think he would have been pissed.

Oh and I also redpointed Hell of the Upside Down Sinners (5.12b) at the Owl Tor. I took me about 4 or 5 days of effort to tick this thing. While not a true epic, Hell was certainly a project, and I fell on THE LAST MOVE more than a few times. Of all the routes I've done at the Tor, Hell has the biggest holds you're likely to fall off of. Justin and Phil also had good days, and Justin pitched off the last throw on Power about 3 or 4 times in a row. Next time, Justin.


elijah said...

Good redpoint. That's a hard 12c to finish, super pumpy. So, that sounds like Justin is close to redpointing Power? Rad.

Micah said...

Yeah. Congrats. But don't get too pumped. It's only 12b. Elijah just likes to up rate everything like a chump.

Andy Patterson said...

Yeah, I told Elijah to rectify his comment. I'll take 12b anytime.

elijah said...

I took Claritin-D yesterday, so I read 'Hell' but thought 'No Skill'. Neither are favorites of mine. Both are proud redpoints though. And after last weekend's horror show at Joshua Tree (12a, by the way), I too will take 12b. Despite operation 'new cruelty', the precedence should be to encourage redpoints at Owl Tor. After all, if we don't send, who will? Fat bitch from SLO? I don't think so.

Micah said...

No she won't, but on that subject, you my fried still have some sending to do "Brazilian style" if I'm not mistaken.