Friday, November 14, 2008

The Tea Fire

Most of Montecito, including the grounds of Westmont College, are currently burning. A surprise wildfire, fueled by sundowner winds, swept down the mountainside into the heart of Montecito, and at last count over eighty homes succumbed to the fires. It's bad. A bunch of my friends just lost their homes.

Here's to the shittiest birthday I've ever had.

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elijah said...

Yeah, losing a home falls in to the category for things that are not rad. I talked to Phil though, and he is still with house. Barely. He says the flames are all in his yard and several neighbors got torched. I can't imagine being that guy that comes home from work to catch a glance from his neighbor sifting through ashes. But it sounds like we're on for Owl Tor this weekend!