Thursday, October 9, 2008

Buena Vista Project: Day 3

I don't know whether to be stoked or bummed.

This was my first day of actually working all the moves on the project, and the outlook is grim. Or wonderful. It depends on how you look at it. Elijah and I spent a while playing top-rope tough-guy, and what looked like a decently hard route on rappell became a snarling, foaming-at-the-mouth beast by the end of our session. I've never flailed so hard on a piece of rock. EVERY SINGLE MOVE is friggin hard. So, I'm stoked that I found a legitimately hard project for some strongman (let's be honest: it probably won't be me any time soon) to send. But I'm bummed that the moves are way, way, way beyond me. Perhaps I'm just being negative.

Elijah and I quickly tired of thrutching, so we went to the Shed for campusing. Basically, campusing felt like an ego-booster after the Buena Vista boulder.

Pictures of the project coming soon...


Steve Edwards said...

This sounds familiar. Almost unlike any other rock type, the SB sandstone stuff is always way harder than it appears. On the positive side, I couldn't get my feet on the rock using the crux Epoxy holds when I first bolted it. A few years later I did the route. I've still got plenty of projects for you to work out there on while you get stronger.

Micah said...

That's what I like to hear Steve!

At least someone still believes you can get strong climbing in Santa Barbara....

I may just be experiencing traveler's optimisim, but there's some good rock that needs some love on the central coast.

Who, took away the funk baby?

Andy, lets bring it back.